The Butley Orford Oysterage reopens on 17th May. Call 01394 450277 to book

Welcome to Pinney's of Orford.

 We are a third generation family run business working from the Suffolk heritage coast.  We have grown oysters at Butley Creek since the 1950’s and our traditional smokehouse supplies freshly smoked fish to our restaurant ‘The Butley Orford Oysterage’.  Whilst our fishing boats provide a variety of locally caught fresh fish. 

Visit our shop, restaurant or buy online and enjoy the best Suffolk coast has to offer.

Our delicious range of smoked fish, seafood, homemade fish pâtés, sauces and many other items , delivered direct to your door.​

Great oysters, smoked delicacies, fresh local fish and shellfish that keep our customers coming back again and again.​

Discover our history and life on the Suffolk coast. From fishing, growing oysters,  sustainable fishing and how we started smoking fish

Pinney’s of Orford has had decades of experience in creating the perfect smoke – balancing the temperature of the fire, the amount of air flow through the smoker, the direction of the wind, the moisture in the air, the fat content of the fish, the distance between the fish and the fire, and the time it hangs there. He produces an incredible product, preserving the old-fashioned way at an amazing level of consistency, by using little more than sound knowledge and feel. 

Jamie Oliver 
Stella magazine – The telegraph

For many years we have prided ourselves on running a sustainable business, passionate about protecting the Suffolk coastal fisheries. Our ethos is to use low impact methods of fishing that protect the environment and care for local fish stocks, restoring oyster beds and using traditional methods to fish.  With fresh daily catches of seasonal fish including skate, lobster and crabs, they are able to supply their shop and restaurant with the finest produce and alongside this create delicious pates, smoked cheese and meats.