Our daily specials menu features our own same-day, freshly caught fish and seafood, and dishes made from seasonal locally sourced ingredients.


Leek & Potato Soup  £9.40
Oyster Soup  £12.00
Smoked Fish pâté  £11.60
Deep Fried Whitebait  £13.70
Crab Cakes  £15.00
Angels on Horseback  £12.00
Smoked Eel  £18.50
Smoked Cod Roe  £14.00
Smoked Prawns  £11.80
Prawns Pil Pil  £14.80


Fresh Butley Oysters  £12.00 (half dozen)  £23.80(dozen)
Selection of Smoked Fish and Oysters  £15.20 (Starter)  £23.00 (Main)
Smoked Salmon  £15.00 (medium)  £19.80 (large)
Smoked Trout with Horseradish Sauce  £13.80
Smoked Mackerel with Mustard Sauce  £13.80
Scalloped Prawns  £14.80
Griddled Prawns  £15.50
Grilled Mussels  £14.50
Griddled Squid  £16.50
Griddled Sardines  £15.70
Griddled Selection  £25.00
Pan fried Salmon with Lemon and Chive Butter  £22.00
Grilled Cod with a Herb Crust topping  £21.80
Wing of Skate  £21.50
Baked Sea Bass  £24.00
Grilled Dover Sole  £24.00
Grilled Cod  £21.80
Smoked Ham and Salad £16.80
Free Range Smoked Chicken and Salad  £16.80
Side Salad £7.00


Sticky Toffee Pudding served with Cream  £9.00
Treacle Tart served with Cream  £9.00
Hot Lemon Cake served with Cream  £9.00
Rum Cake served with Cream  £9.00
Chocolate Truffle Torte served with Amaretto Cream  £9.00
Vanilla Ice Cream  £8.50
Chocolate Ice Cream  £8.50
Pistachio Ice Cream  £8.50
Selection of Ice Creams  £8.50
Raspberry Sorbet  £8.50
Mango Sorbet  £8.50
Lemon Sorbet  £8.50
Selection of Sorbets  £8.50
A selection of Cheeses & Biscuits  £9.80

A two star Gold Great Taste Award, Pinney’s smoked eel is a delicious conundrum. Some mysterious alchemy in the smokehouse over smouldering oak logs takes what is generally considered rather mundane raw fish and transforms it into one of the finest foodstuffs imaginable, up there with the finest smoked salmon as an hors d’oeuvres to start a dinner party.