LA Brewery Sparkling English Rosé Kombucha


L.A Brewery was born out of founder Louise Avery’s love of foraging for natural ingredients and dedication to the art of creating beautifully flavoured drinks. The kombucha is infused with flowers, fruits, herbs and botanicals and is naturally  effervescent, with rich and complex flavour profiles and great health benefits.  It is brewed, fermented and bottled at their micro-brewery in Suffolk.

Refreshingly effervescent champagne alternative, inspired by summer’s fresh flowers and an ode to the rich heritage of English sparkling wine

Crisp complexity balances a fresh zesty acidity and floral notes with a dry finish, a drink reminiscent of wildflower champagne

Naturally low in sugar and high in friendly bacteria.

Non-alcoholic, gluten-free and suitable for vegans. 

750ml bottle

A few things to compliment your hamper